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Thank you for standing up and fighting for my family.

Maria B.

Thank you for standing up and fighting for my family.

Maria B.

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The STEINFELD LAW FIRM is the Victims Voice for Justice in California. We are a powerful, dynamic voice for accident victims. We represent seriously injured victims, and bereaved families who have lost their loved one in an accident.

We believe accident cases can be resolved favorably and efficiently by following a proven set of rules I've developed over 30 years.

We are uniquely positioned to communicate your loss through a personal collection of memories. Those memories are shared in a compelling and emotional way that resonates with insurance companies, hardened defense attorneys, judges, and juries.

In essence we create your memoir.

In fatal accidents we create a blueprint that allows your deceased loved one to be heard.    WE FOCUS ON "THEIR" LOVE... "YOUR" LOVE... AND THE "LOSS OF LOVE".

Your love is a true love story.

For seriously injured victims we show the physical and emotional pain you are suffering, and the strength by which you are overcoming extraordinary challenges.

We may create a day in the life video presentation so insurance companies can personally see your limitations while narrating the physical and emotional pain you have suffered.

For catastrophically injured individuals, a family member would speak on behalf of their loved one.

98% of All Accidents Are Settled Without Filing a Lawsuit

Trial attorneys are involved in only about 2% of all accidents. Trial attorneys are great... for trial. But if 98% of all accidents are settled without filing a lawsuit, it makes more sense to start with an experienced, award winning and nationally recognized "settlement attorney" before heading into litigationTrial attorneys have their strengths... but my strength is obtaining successful settlements for my clients.

Settlement vs. Lawsuit

One of the most common questions I am asked is whether a victim should file a lawsuit. Statistically we know that 98% of all victims will settle their case without a trial. So, what's the difference between settlement and a lawsuit?

SETTLEMENT is a peaceful and amicable way to resolve your claim. It usually takes 1-4 months. No lawsuit is filed, and the claim is handled directly with the adverse insurance company.

A LAWSUIT is an "adversarial" process. Victims who have never experienced a long-term adversarial setting, find the process to be intimidating and very stressful.

A plaintiff must answer interrogatories and produce documents within a short timeframe. This requires a lot of organization. Your attorney can't do it for you because only you know the answers and supporting documents. And then there's the dreaded deposition. After about 18-months you'll mediate your lawsuit. If you can't settle your case through mediation, you proceed to trial. The time involved is about 30 months and you'll incur significantly greater attorney fees and costs.

I encourage you to try and settle your case before creating an adversarial relationship and filing a lawsuit. I am an experienced settlement attorney. If I can't settle your case, I will bring in a top trial attorney. I know the best trial attorneys in the state.


Most attorneys will tell you they can do both. They can settle your case or file a lawsuit. However, its been my experience over 30+ years that the skills required for settling a case are entirely different than those required of trial lawyers.

Successful settlement attorneys have strong negotiating and people skills. Whereas trial attorneys enjoy the adversarial process. So its counter-productive to have a trial attorney negotiating your settlement. And for trial, you want a trial lawyer.

I represent the 98% of victims who want a fair settlement so they can put their tragedy behind them and move on with their lives. If you are like 98% of the population, you want to retain a successful settlement attorney. That's what I do best. I have developed a blueprint for obtaining successful settlements.

I have recovered millions of dollars for my clients... without filing a lawsuit. It costs nothing to talk to me and nothing to get started.

Find Out What Option is Best For You

Give me a call and we'll discuss your options. We will weigh the benefits of settling your case or filing a lawsuit. Then you can make an informed and intelligent decision in moving forward.

We will only move forward when you are comfortable.

  • I put my fees in writing.
  • I'll never force you to sign a document or accept a settlement.
  • You pay nothing (fees or costs) until settlement

Your consultation is free and does not obligate you to anything.

Call me at (800) 900-7452, or use the contact form on this page.

Not only is Patrick a skilled attorney. He is also a stellar human being as well.

Kathy L.

Not only is Patrick a skilled attorney. He is also a stellar human being as well.

Kathy L.

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Our settlement was unprecedented. Even opposing council told us we have a very good lawyer.

Juli J.

Our settlement was unprecedented. Even opposing council told us we have a very good lawyer.

Juli J.

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  • Costs nothing to get started
  • I will never pressure you to sign a document
  • Never pay one-cent out of pocket.
  • Pay nothing until case is settled
  • I will never pressure you to accept a settlement.
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  • Settle without filing a lawsuit
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